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Thank you to all of my volunteers, supporters and voters for our 1st place finish in the May 16th general election!

Our job is not done... A runoff election is scheduled for June 13th, with early voting running from Saturday, June 3rd through Friday June 9th.  Please mark it on your calendar and plan to turn out again in June.  With your help we can get this done -- our district deserves effective representation in the state legislature.

As a City of South Fulton councilman, I sponsored some of the most progressive legislation in Georgia history.  That legislation was designed to level the playing field and remove the persistent barriers that our residents were dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

But it's not enough to tackle these issues on a city-wide level.  Everyone in our state deserves the freedom to live, work and play how they choose, free of oppressive price increases, police tactics, employment practices and discrimination.

The legislative session that just ended in March caps one of the most regressive runs of any state government.  Personal freedoms were eliminated.  Voting access was threatened again.  The rights of parents to provide the best care for their children was terminated.  Local control over things as minor as gas leaf blowers was made illegal.  And public education was attacked on an unprecedented level.

I'm running for GA House Rep because the issues affecting Fayette and Fulton residents are the same issues facing all Georgians.  I want to fight for your right to benefit from a growing economy, your right to safe streets and healthy homes, your right to do what's best for your family free of government intrusion, and your right to get ahead and live a prosperous life.  

Please join me by voting in the Tuesday, June 13, 2023 election.  Early voting starts Saturday, June 3rd and runs through June 9th.  I hope I can earn your vote to fight for you, your neighbors and your family in the Georgia legislature.

Early Voting Locations

Fulton County

Sat June 3 - Fri June 9

Saturday & Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM

Sunday: Noon - 5 PM

1 Early Voting Location:

South Fulton Public Library

4055 Flat Shoals RD

Union City, GA 30291

Fayette County

June 3 - June 9

Saturday & Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM
No Sunday voting

3 Early Voting Locations:

Tyrone Recreation Office

945 Senoia RD

Tyrone, GA 30290

Peachtree City Library

201 Willow Bend RD  (Google may list as Willowbend)

Peachtree City, GA 30269

Fayette Co Elections Office

140 Stonewall AVE, STE 209

Fayetteville, GA 30214

Election Day

Tuesday, June 13th

7 AM - 7 PM

Vote at your normal voting precinct.

Mark Baker commenting on the way racism creates hidden impediments to getting ahead or even keeping pace with peers.

Get Election Updates

News coverage of the ordinance introduced by Councilman Mark Baker  which decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana.

6 Points of Progressivism

My plan for progress and empowerment through policy:

Elimination of state taxes on basic necessities, such as groceries, baby diapers and residential utilities.

Economic growth and development so that everyone in the district can find good full-time employment or grow their business.

Programs to help seniors improve their homes to capture the full value generated by increasing property values.

Civic engagement, Human rights, and Racial Justice Reform, such as a formal acknowledgement of the 1968 Kerner Report which found that poverty and institutional racism were driving inner-city violence.

Education and Youth assistance through targeted programming and partnering with 501c3 organizations.

Modernizing our approach to prisons and police reform.  Unnecessary contact with police and the court system has lifelong effects, with negative consequences that can affect entire families.


Thanks for submitting!

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