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Press Release

April 5, 2023

Former Councilman Mark Baker Qualifies for the Race to Succeed Representative Tish Naghise

Former city councilman Mark Baker qualified for the race to succeed State Representative Tish Naghise (District 68, GA House of Representatives) who unexpectedly passed away last month.

“Tish was laser focused on the core Democratic Party value of helping everyone get the resources they need to thrive, and she was extremely concerned about the constant attacks on our democracy.  I share those values and concerns, and the drive to take action,” said Baker.

Baker was one of the first city councilors elected in the newly formed City of South Fulton in 2017, beating five other candidates to represent District 7.  

While in office, Baker championed multiple progressive causes including a $15 minimum wage, decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana and the “Crown Act,” which prohibited discrimination on the basis of natural hair styles.

“It’s important that people are engaged.  I think the state legislature gets overlooked by a lot of residents, but no governing body affects your day-to-day life more.  I’m running to complete the remainder of Representative Naghise’s term because systemic problems require systemic solutions and I’ll have the greatest opportunity to help people through state level legislation,” said Baker.

“If elected to the Georgia House of Representatives, the very first bill I will introduce is the ‘Election Workers Protection Act’ which makes it a crime to harass or intimidate elections staff and poll workers.  Fulton County was ground zero for Donald Trump’s attacks on election infrastructure and to this day no one has been convicted or even charged for the hundreds of threats made against Fulton County staff.  It's obscene.” he continued.


Early voting for the May 16th Special Election begins Monday, April 24th and runs through Friday, May 12th.  Fulton and Fayette have slightly different early voting hours and weekend voting availability.  Voting on election day (May 16th only) runs from 7 am to 7 pm at your normal polling location.


You can confirm that you live in District 68 and check your voter registration status by visiting the My Voter Page at

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